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    Photo of John Ehrhart

    John Ehrhart

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    John has extensive experience as a critical care paramedic, EMS and health interoperability innovator, and nonprofit leader. John has been previously recognized as the 2019 California Paramedic of the Year, 2022 National Paramedic of the year, and 2023 James O. Page Scholar.

    Photo of Natanael de Kross

    Natanael de Kross

    Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

    Natanael de Kross, a graduate in communication science, previously co-founded a design agency and worked as a publisher for an entertainment magazine. His expertise covers graphic design, branding, UI/UX, and full stack development. Known for blending creativity with technical acumen, Natanael consistently delivers impactful digital solutions.

    Photo of Ryan Dick

    Ryan Dick

    Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

    Ryan brings over two decades of experience in leading complex IT systems for global companies and expansive health information technology networks. With an MBA focused on strategic technology, he combines deep technical expertise with strategic insight to drive technological advancements and efficiency.

    Photo of Aaron Byzak

    Aaron Byzak

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Aaron's leadership in EMS, health policy, and communications over two decades has garnered national acclaim, including four Emmy Awards. He holds an MBA from UC Irvine and a bachelor's from Chapman University, with additional leadership training from Cornell and UCLA. He is a Board Certified Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).

    Photo of Shawn White

    Shawn White

    VP Client Solutions

    Starting in EMS in 1987, Shawn's career evolved from paramedic to a respected educator and innovator in patient care and organizational improvement within the EMS and air medical communities. He has held key positions leading regional and national education initiatives. Shawn is widely recognized for his contributions to improving both patient outcomes and organizational efficiencies.

    Photo of Chip Keyes

    Chip Keyes

    System Architect and Engineer

    After starting down the path towards med school with a degree in Biochemistry and 5 years at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, he quickly discovered a passion for software through data analytics. He obtained a MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins and has spent the last 8 years turning complex technical ambitions into robust enterprise ready software. He specializes in architecting, building, and deploying secure and reliable software to the cloud.

    Photo of Deidre Ehrhart

    Deidre Ehrhart

    Associate Project Manager

    Deidre comes to MCP with a background in business operations. Her professional experience in de facto project management roles has made her an immense value add to MCP’s development projects and business improvement processes. Deidre is a San Diego State University graduate and is conversationally fluent in American Sign Language.

    Photo of Andrew Merrill

    Andrew Merrill

    Client Solutions Manager

    Andrew started his career in EMS in 1996, developing from a street paramedic to an esteemed flight clinician and educator, dedicated to enhancing organizational education across private, public and law enforcement sectors. Throughout his career, Andrew has held pivotal roles within various organizations, bringing positive change to the effectiveness of education on clinical outcomes.

    Photo of Keith Griffiths

    Keith Griffiths


    Keith, founding partner of the RedFlash Group, leverages over 40 years of experience to lead marketing and strategic initiatives in EMS, public safety, and healthcare sectors. As the founding editor of JEMS and a member of its editorial advisory board, his extensive network and expertise in fostering partnerships have positioned him as a pivotal figure in shaping industry dialogue and collaboration.

    Photo of Jeff Berend

    Jeff Berend


    Jeff, Partner at RedFlash Group, has worked with top companies in healthcare and public safety for more than 20 years. His areas of expertise include content marketing and sales performance strategies in a B2B environment, building strategic partnerships and helping clients achieve the best returns on their marketing investment. Clients appreciate his special knack for seeing not just what needs to be done, but what’s possible.

    Photo of Marc Gautreau

    Marc Gautreau


    Marc Gautreau is Stanford University's inaugural Chief of the Division of Pre-Hospital Care and a California EMS Commissioner, leading EMS operations across two counties, nine cities, and a national park. His career evolved from fire dispatcher to paramedic at UMass Amherst, then to physician after Chicago Medical School. With an EMS fellowship, military service as a flight surgeon, an MBA, and leadership at UMass Medical Center