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    Mission Critical Protocols (MCP) is an end-to-end protocol publishing platform with a robust ecosystem. Our solutions help your team publish, manage, and distribute your decision-support policies, protocols, and guidelines seamlessly and efficiently. Protocol creation and distribution are not simple processes. We understand that you may have questions about how our platform will serve your needs. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Why is MCP considered a publishing platform?

    MCP allows organizations to create, manage, update, and continually distribute decision support to their staff. Teams can collaborate to create and manage documents in a single, secure, and accessible environment. When a document is ready for release or update, it is published to the organization's workforce with a button. Documents are automatically and seamlessly released directly to the organization's distribution channels, such as our digital protocol application.

    Why is MCP also considered an ecosystem?

    Historically, clinical and operational protocols face two significant challenges. First, they are often created in organizational siloes, requiring considerable effort on the part of each siloed team to monitor their industry ecosystem for changes and share changes with others. Second is the challenge of distribution. Many protocol governance entities rely on email, websites, and traditional PDF applications to distribute protocols among several organizations.

    MCP solves these problems by allowing the sharing of information from a single publishing entity to multiple organizations through Invite or our library. MCP also provides documents from various publishing entities co-located in a single resource for end users. For example, a fire department could subscribe to a regional EMS agency's protocols (updated by that agency) and have its operational policies. To their end users, these documents exist as a single, searchable, easy-to-use application without concern about the source or editor.

    Is MCP for document management or creation of tools, such as medication calculators?

    The beautiful thing about MCP is that it is both. Text is often the most basic and utilized means of information sharing. You can also add integrated functional tools such as medications, images, scores, equipment, and more to your text documents. This integration keeps document authors working in one place. Our platform builds and extends all tools automatically. This automation has multiple positive effects. First, it dramatically reduces the historical administrative burden of creating documents, tools, and then distributing both. Second, the workforce gets powerful tools always in sync with their document of origin.

    What is your "edit-once, update-everywhere" functionality?

    Our platform allows administrators to save components of documents, including all tools, for reuse in other documents. When a reusable component is updated, it is automatically updated in all documents where it lives. This is a massive benefit for administrators, as it reduces time and burdens with change accuracy across large document sets. A great example of this functionality in action is medication dosage updates or swapping a medication out due to shortage or formulary change.

    Do you offer group access and management?

    Yes, we do. We allow individuals to subscribe to public domain documents through the app stores. However, we also offer group licensing for organizations that want to provide their entire workforce with access to MCP. Our group pricing is 100% transparent and scales for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Group purchasing is managed through our website and does not require employees to interact with the app store subscriptions. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

    How are seats calculated for group access?

    Group access is calculated based on the number of individuals and apparatus devices (e.g., an ambulance iPad). Individuals can access the application on multiple devices (e.g., a personal phone and tablet) without additional seats. Apparatus devices are calculated based on the number of devices used to access the application.

    Can we use our MCP group for only apparatus devices or individual users and not both?

    You can utilize MCP in any way that best suits your organization. However, consider the value of providing access to all your staff on their devices and apparatus devices. The reality of a modern workforce is that they often use their devices to access work-necessary information. Individual user access also guarantees that updates reach all staff independently. MCP provides robust security to ensure organizational data is secure on personal devices and is only offered when the organization employs the user.

    Does your application work on both Android and iOS?

    Yes, our application is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Our application is designed to work on both platforms and is updated regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems and devices.

    Does the MCP mobile application work without internet access?

    Yes, all documents and functionality are available locally on our native applications. This local storage means that after the initial download, users can access and use the application without an internet connection. However, an internet connection is required to receive updates and new documents. Additionally, some features, such as large language models, require an internet connection to function.

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